Sorry, Will Power: You Probably Won’t Win the 2015 Championship

Will Power won the 2014 IndyCar championship. A great feat, sure, but repeating it this year would be something really remarkable. 

Will Power on course during the team test at NOLA Motorsports Park in Louisiana. — Photo: Chris Owens

Power shouldn’t be feeling very confident about winning a second championship this season, though. Along with new aero kits that will surely shake up the field, history isn’t on his side when it comes to winning consecutive titles. 

Taking a look at championship winners of the series since 1996, we can see that winning championships two years in a row is exceptionally rare. Over that time period, only two drivers managed to win championships in back-to-back seasons. Sam Hornish, Jr. (2001, 2002) and Dario Franchitti each won the championship in consecutive seasons – Franchitti managed to win it three seasons in a row (2009, 2010, and 2011).

Franchitti’s performance over the course of the three championship winning years is unmatched in IndyCar’s career (not including the CART series). There have been 13 different champions in those years and only two drivers have won the championship twice in consecutive seasons. Three drivers have won it more than once (Scott Dixon plus Hornish and Franchitti). 

If Power can repeat his 2014 performance this year, he’ll put himself in very select company of drivers who have gone back-to-back with championship seasons. Not an easy task for a guy who has managed to lose the title going into the final race with the points lead on three different occasions

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