View all of The Single Seater’s statistics.

AdjPassEff – Adjusted Passing Efficiency shows how efficient of a passer a driver is adjusted for their starting position in a race. AdjPassEff represents how many percentage points above or below the average driver’s passing efficiency that driver is.

Average Extra Positions (AEP) – the number of places a driver finishes above/below their expected finishing position, based on where they started the race.

AFP/ASP – Average Finishing Position/Average Starting Position.

Average Fast Speed (AFS) – the average rank of a driver’s fastest lap in a race, their Fast Lap Speed (FLS). Ex: An AFS of 2 means that on average, that driver has the second fastest lap time in a race.

Average Track Position (ATP) – the average running position of a driver on each lap they were racing, with their position taken once per lap at the start finish line. A full explanation of ATP can be found here.

Average Track Position 25 (ATP25) – a driver’s ATP for the last 25% of the race only.

DevATP/DevATP25 – Standard deviation of a driver’s ATP and ATP25.

DevFP/DevSP – Standard deviation of a driver’s finishing/starting position.

Elo Ratings – A measure of the performance of each driver that changes after each race. An Elo rating of “1500” is considered average. Elo ratings are used for matchup predictions and our championship simulation.

PassEff – shows the percentage of passes that are in a driver’s favor. Passes are measured by a change in position at the end of each lap, once per lap. Pit lane passes are included but passes that result from an engine failure or something similar that causes a driver to retire immediately are not counted against that driver.

RunPerc – the percentage of races a driver finishes running on track.

Top5Perc – the percentage of a driver’s running laps that they are in the top five of the running order.

PM (plus-minus) – the number of spots a driver has gained or lost on race starts for the season (total).

PMperStart – the number of spots a driver gains or loses on the race start on average.

StartRetention – the percentage of time a driver gains or holds their position on a race start. This is measured as a change in the first two laps of the race.

xPoints/Expected Points – the number of points we would expect a driver to score in a race given how they ran as judged by ATP.