Indy 500 pace car stolen, crashed through dealership window

Daily Report

In the report: A man stole an Indy 500 pace car from a dealership in Indiana and crashed it down the stairs and through a glass window. 

IndyCar: Man steals Indy 500 pace car, drives through dealership window (Fox Sports)
“The car is currently undriveable, and it remains to be seen if it can be repaired.”

IndyCar: Bourdais, Dixon get new colors for NOLA (Racer)

“This weekend, Sebastien Bourdais will race the Mistic E-Cigs car with a new livery in the Grand Prix of Louisiana at NOLA Motorsports Park from April 10-12.”

IndyCar: NOLA kicks off crazy stretch of 10 weeks in a row for IndyCar (Motorsports Talk)

“Starting this weekend, the series will be on-track every weekend between now and June 15, with plenty of more weekday track time in-between.”

IndyCar: NOLA president executes the details with surety (IndyCar)

“Events of any kind are very chaotic by nature. We have no expectations that everything will go off perfectly, but you don’t learn if you don’t make mistakes.”

“Fernando Alonso says he’s yet to regret leaving Ferrari for McLaren, despite Sebastian Vettel’s win for the Italian outfit last time out in Malaysia.”

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Honda allowed to reinforce aero kit after St. Pete debris

Daily Report

In the report: Honda have been given permission by IndyCar to reinforce their aero kit after the amount of debris generated at St. Pete.

IndyCar: Honda allowed to strengthen its Aero Kit (Fox Sports)
“Honda has been granted permission by INDYCAR to strengthen and reinforce parts of its kit.”

IndyCar: Chevy statement on engine penalty (Racer)
“We identified a batch of valve springs that, due to a process change at one of our suppliers, may fracture before the full mileage requirement.”

“The Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Chevrolet have over a century of history together and we’re delighted with the opportunity to continue that rich heritage.”

“Ferrari has undoubtedly made a step forward with its car in 2015, but others see the biggest gain in the area of the Italian marque’s power unit.”

IndyCar: Grand Prix of Louisiana gets ready to roll (The Advocate)

“I don’t see any reason we can’t have that level of success [as St. Petersburg] in New Orleans.”

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