What We’re Measuring

xPoints/Expected Points – the number of points we would expect a driver to score in a race given how they ran as judged by ATP and ATP25. A full explanation of xPoints can be found here.

AFP/ASP – Average Finishing Position/Average Starting Position

ATP/Average Track Position – the average running position of a driver on each lap they were racing, with their position taken once per lap at the start finish line. A full explanation of ATP can be found here.

ATP25 – a driver’s ATP for the last 25% of the race only.

PassEff/Pass Efficiency – shows the percentage of passes that are in a driver’s favor. Passes are measured by a change in position at the end of each lap, once per lap. Pit lane passes are included but passes that result from an engine failure or something similar that causes a driver to slow and retire are not counted against that driver.

Run%/Running Percentage – the percentage of races a driver finishes running.

AFS/Avgerage Fast Speed – the average rank of a driver’s fastest lap in a race. Ex: AvgFastSpeed of 2 means that on average, that driver has the second fastest race lap time.

T5%/Top Five % – the percentage of a driver’s running laps that he is in the top five.

AEP/Average Extra Positions – the average number of places a driver gains above/below their expected finishing position, based on where they started the race.

Retention% – the percentage of time a driver gains or holds their position on a race start, restart after a caution flag, or during a green flag pit cycle. Race starts are measured for the first two laps after and restarts for the first lap after. A green flag (GF) pit cycle is counted from when the first driver pits to when the last driver pits. A full explanation of green flag pitstop retention can be found here.

+/- – the number of spots a driver has gained or lost on race starts, green flag pit cycles, or restarts for the season (total).

+/- per Restart/Start – the number of spots a driver gains or loses on average per race start, restart, or green flag pit cycle.

Updated Through Indy GP


Driver strategists were based off of information in these articles and valid at the beginning of 2019. In cases when the sources disagreed on who the strategist was or if there are shared duties, both names are listed.