The Weekly Report

Each week, we take a look at our most popular articles and stories from around the web and put them into one post. Some of them will be data based and some will be just interesting or important news stories in the racing world.  Welcome to the second installment of the Weekly Report:

Popular On Our Site

From Around The Web

Note: If you have an article you think should make it into the Weekly Report next week, let us know by sending it in through the form on the contact page. We’ll take a look at it and perhaps put it in next weeks edition! 

Also This Week

The Single Seater now has a Facebook page which you can like and follow here!  Remember to share the page and stay up to date with news about the site, as well as stats, graphs and more. 

The Leaders

IndyCar – Will Power – 548 Points

Formula 1 – Nico Rosberg – 202 Points

          – Drew Bennison


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