Singapore Grand Prix: Live Blog, Stats, Analysis

We’ll be live blogging throughout the 2014 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Singapore.  Stay tuned for live stats, analysis and more. 

Update: That’ll be the end of the 2014 Singapore Grand Prix live blog.  Thanks for sticking with us throughout the race!  

Post Race:

10:13 – Let us know who you think was the driver of the day in the comments below.  

Provisional points standings. 

// 10:06 – Hamilton will now have a three point lead on Rosberg with 241 points.  


0:00 – Bottas gets a flat tire on the last lap.  This will drop him back down to fifth in the championship standings behind Alonso.  

0:00 – Hamilton wins the Singapore Grand Prix.  Vettel finished P2, Ricciardo P3, Alonso P4.  

1:22 – Bottas trying his best to fend off Raikkonen.  

Lap 59 – VET P2 – RIC P3 – ALO P4 – Race switched over to a timed race.  2:00 min. left to race.  

Lap 58 – Ricciardo is all over Vettel; Alonso is all over Ricciardo.  Just three laps left for the positions to sort out.  

Lap 57 – MAG overtakes MAL for 10th place.  VER is up next.  HAM pulled out a 6+ second lead over VET now.  

Lap 55 – Battle for second between Vettel, Ricciardo, and Alonso.  All three within 1.5 seconds of each other.  

Lap 54 – Just 7 laps left.  Hamilton is in first, followed by Vettel and Ricciardo.  

Lap 53 – Crowd is going crazy. Hamilton .4 sec. gap to Vettel.  No way Vettel can hold him off for 7 laps.  Hamilton takes the lead again! 

Lap 53 – 1.1 sec. gap to Vettel and dropping.  Hamilton is reeling him in! 

Lap 53 – Hamilton in, 2.9 second pit-stop.  Just what they needed.  Vettel takes the lead. Hamilton comes out in second.

// Lap 52 – 25.2 gap to Vettel, 9 laps left.  

Lap 51 – Hamilton says “tires are going off.”  He wants to pit, but he is still pulling out a lead on Vettel.  Up to 24 seconds.  Pit-lane delta is a few seconds longer than that.    

Lap 50 – 22 second lead for Hamilton, set to pit within the next two to three laps.  Not enough to come out in the lead, yet, but he will have the advantage of fresh tires.  

Lap 49 – Perez passes Kvyat for 14th after a tough battle.  12 laps remain.  

Lap 47 – Magnussen into the pits with a 2.5 sec. stop.  He rejoins the track in 14th just ahead of fellow rookie Kvyat.  

Lap 46 – Hamilton has brought out a 17 second gap on Vettel.  Getting bigger by the lap. Strategy could work out for him.  

Lap 45 – Daniel Kvyat says “I’m dying here” in the heat.  

Lap 41 – Hamilton gap to Vettel is 9.5 sec.  Seb said he doesn’t think he’ll be able to make it to the end on his tires.  Only a few drivers look like they’ll be able to make it to the end, we’ll see.  

Lap 41 – Sutil pulls into the garage to retire.  Double retirement for Sauber this race.  

Lap 40 – Battle for 7th between BUT, RAI, VER and MAG.  Button current has a .6 sec. lead on the bunch.  

Lap 39 – Hamilton is gaining nearly a second a sector.  Just what he needs to pit and come out with a chance to win.  

Lap 38 – Hamilton still needs to pit for tires to comply with regulations.  Gaining a big lead on Vettel for the time being, over a 3 second gap.  

Lap 37 – SC in this lap, Hamilton gets a good jump on Vettel.  

Lap 36 – Five second stop/go penalty for Sutil.  Hamilton will need a good restart here as the Safety Car pulls in soon.  

Lap 35 – Still under Safety Car at Singapore.  Cars can now start un-lapping themselves, expect a few more laps under caution.  

Lap 33 – Vettel to team “let’s go for as long as we can on options, then do last laps on options.

Lap 32 – Hamilton concerned about running over Perez debris, telling his team to watch his tire pressure.  

Lap 31 – Safety car out.  Perez’s wing breaks clean off after colliding with Sutil, debris all over the track.  Teams getting ready to pit and put their drivers onto supersoft tires.  

Lap 30 – Halfway through the Singapore Grand Prix.  HAM – ALO -VET – RIC – BUT are your top five.  

Lap 29 – Magnussen radios in My seat is very hot, it’s burning.”  Alright then.  

Lap 28 – Ricciardo pits for soft tires.  Rejoins the race in 4th ahead of McLaren’s Jenson Button.  

Lap 27 – Hamilton into the pits for supersofts.  He rejoins in second behind Ricciardo with a 4.7 sec. stop.  

Lap 26 – Vettel into the pits.  2.6 sec. stop for soft tires.  He comes out in 4th place behind Alonso who still has to make another stop.  

Lap 25 – Rosberg on his retirement”…we need to get to the bottom of all these things, and get the car 100% reliable.”  

Lap 24 – Massa into the pits, Bottas follows one lap later.  Looks like we will see a three stop strategy from the Willaims duo.

Lap 22 – Alonso is closing in on Vettel in second place, could see a battle soon. 

// Lap 20 – Chilton into pit, a right front puncture caused some jack issues for the Marrusia team.  Slow pit-stop for Chilton who will rejoin in 19th. 

Lap 19 – Gutierrez retires due to an unknown cause.  Throws gloves in team garage, looks visibly upset.  

Lap 17 – Current leaders are Hamilton, Vettel and Alonso.  As they run Hamilton holds a 3 point championship lead over Rosberg. 

Lap 14 – Clutch won’t engage for Rosberg in pit-lane.  Looks like he may retire.  

Lap 14 – Nico Rosberg will have a steering wheel change come next pit-stop.  

Lap 14 – Rosberg told to “save tires and fuel” by Mercedes team.  Perhaps going to try a different strategy to save his race.  

Lap 13 – Vettel, Alonso, and Ricciardo all come in to pit on lap 13.  Vettel rejoins in 4th, Alonso 5th and Ricciardo 6th.  

Lap 12 – Radio communications with Rosberg are spotty at best.  

Lap 12 – Raikkonen in from 5th place.  3.3 sec. pit-stop which puts him back onto the track in 9th. 

Lap 11 – Massa into the pits.  Rejoins the track in P13.  

Lap 9 – Rosberg is 49.97 sec. behind teammate Lewis Hamilton.  Points as they run would put Hamilton in first place by 3 points.  

Lap 7 – Rosberg is lapping seconds slower than Hamilton, even when he is in clean air.  Problem on his car seems to be more than just electrical. 

Lap 5 – Sebastien Vettel has just set the fastest lap of the race, is currently trailing Hamilton by 1.5 sec. 

Lap 3 – HAM – VET – ALO – RIC -RAI are the top five.  Rosberg is P 21. 

Lap 2 – Rosberg’s dashboard is not showing any information, reports team.  

Lap 1- Rosberg has left pit-lane, teammate Lewis Hamilton is creating a gap to Vettel already.  1.5 second gap. 

Lap 1 – The lights are out!  Hamilton gets a great start followed by Alonso in second. 

Pre Race:

8:00 – Rosberg will be starting from pit-lane.  

7:58 – Nico Rosberg’s car is being worked on by mechanics minutes before the Grand Prix is set to start. 

7:46 – A reminder of the tire choices for the Grand Prix. 

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