Valtteri Bottas is "Expecting a lot" From Next Year

Valtteri Bottas finished the Abu Dhabi grand prix in third place behind teammate Felipe Massa, and secured fourth place in the Driver’s Championship above Fernando Alonso and Sebastien Vettel.  

The young driver has exceeded all expectations this year, going head to head with a much more experienced Massa and beating him in the championship.  But he’s not satisfied yet. The Finn driver is looking to improve on his 2014 performance. 

After the race, he said “It’s been an amazing year with so much improvement as a team and getting so much stronger, and this last race shows how strong we are getting.

“The curve is to the up. I’m expecting a lot from next year.” he added.

Bottas’ race got off to a poor start, though, making most of the race a battle to regain positions that he lost in the beginning, dropping back to P9 initially.  But as for the season as a whole, Bottas is proud of how far the team has come.

“Overall, an amazing end to the season. An amazing… from last season, it’s been just incredible how much we have improved.

“And as a team being two cars on the podium it really shows how much we also have been improving during the season, which is the main thing, because next year things are going to be really tricky, everybody is going to improve and we are really aiming to be again stronger and fighting for the wins.” 

Valtteri Bottas is just 25 years old, but he has beaten some of the best in the sport this year, finishing ahead of Vettel, Alonso, and Raikkonen.  

When asked about his season and next year, Bottas responded “We’re just going to make sure we don’t repeat any same mistakes next year. I’m sure we’ll be fighting for a better position.

But third in the constructors’, for me fourth in the drivers’, it will do for now.

“But for the future, it’s not enough.”

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