Ferrari Reveal the Numbers Behind the SF-15T

The 2015 Scuderia Ferrari car was released this Friday.
Ferrari Racing revealed their 2015 chassis design on Friday.
Photo: Scuderia Ferrari

The 2015 Ferrari car for the Formula One series was revealed this Friday. The SF-15T will be driven by Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen in the upcoming season. Much like the other cars that have been released, the Ferrari machine has a longer front nose than last year’s cars, per the new regulations in this category.

Ferrari’s technical director, James Allison, said the team is trying to combat the “unacceptably large gap in our performance” last season as compared to the rival teams. The team will be looking for their first win since the Spanish Grand Prix in 2013 after going win-less last season. 

Allison also commented on the design regulations for the 2015 season, saying, “I think all the cars on the grid this year are going to be more appealing around the front.” It is clear Ferrari is happy with the design of the car and they will be hoping it can compete with the likes of Mercedes and Red Bull this year. 

Along with the car release, Scuderia Ferrari have provided an infographic with a plethora of numbers and stats regarding the performance and characteristics of the 2015 entry. It goes over some of the finer details of the racing machine.

Among the more interesting numbers are:

702 kg
The weight of the car with water, lubricant, and the driver himself. This comes out to 1547.65 lbs.

125,000 rmp
The SF-15T’s MGU-H energy recovery system maxes out at 125,000 revolutions per minute.

100 metal alloys
Between the body, engine, and other components of the car, the 2015 Ferrari car has over 100 different metal alloys that make up the build.

700 people
It took over 700 people in the Ferrari factory alone to make this car come together. That includes designers, fabricators, manufacturers, and everyone else that contributed to the SF-15T project.

You can view the full infographic with more numbers and info below:

Stats, numbers, and data on the 2015 SF-15T
Photo: Scuderia Ferrari 

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