Pirelli Stick With Same Compounds as 2014 for Australia

2014 World Champion Lewis Hamilton running the medium compound tires during the Chinese Grand Prix. — Photo: Emperornie

Pirelli, the official tire supplier of Formula One, announced the tire nominations for the first four races of the 2015 season earlier today.

For the Australian grand Prix, Pirelli has nominated the soft compound (yellow markings) and the medium compound (white markings) for use. This is the same choice of tires that were used during last year’s race. 

This compound selection was expected for a few reasons:

The chassis and aerodynamic regulations didn’t go through a big change for the 2015 season as they did for 2014. The teams are going to be experiencing similar performance to last year, including tire wear. There should be no big changes in that department.


The Melbourne circuit features high degradation when it comes to tire wear, meaning that teams will go through the tires quicker. This is due to the number of turns and the rough pavement that the cars run on. Because it is not permanently used, there is not a lot of rubber on the track, causing a slippery surface to form that puts stress on the tires. The medium and soft compounds provide a nice balance of speed and durability for this type of track. 

As always, check back with Single Seater next week for the “Race Notes” for the 2015 Formula One grand Prix in Australia. 

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