Tech Focus: Schmidt Peterson Runs Two Different Top Flicks in Testing

James Jakes, a SPM driver, waits on pit lane prior to Saturday’s test at NOLA Motorsports Park. — Photo: Chris Owens

Schmidt Peterson Motorsports tested two different flick designs at NOLA Motorsports Park on Saturday during the open testing session. James Hinchcliffe and James Jakes each took their cars out to run laps throughout the day.

The two machines featured different designs of the top flick element. Jakes ran the stock Honda aero kit look with a full flick on top of the rear bumper. You can see that design below. Hinchcliffe’s car had no top flick at all, the rear bumper was flush with the tire and had no mount on top of it. 

James Jakes running the classic top flick at NOLA.
Jakes finished 13th overall in the test and Hinchcliffe was 15th. The teammates were separated by just two tenths of a second. It’s hard to tell how much of an effect the flick had on performance until more testing is done and times are looked at.
All photos courtesy of Chris Owens/IndyCarPR.

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