Tech Focus: Onboard Track Position Indicator Being Tested

Stefano Coletti leaves pit lane to start today’s Open Test session at Barber Motorsports Park — Photo: Chris Jones 

IndyCar has been experimenting with an onboard position indicator during testing sessions at Barber Motorsports Park. The eight by seven inch panel will sit on either side of the airbox and show the driver’s current position on track. The panel is supposed to help fans not near a scoring pylon or video screen. 

The screen will show current place, positions lost or gained on a given lap, and when push to pass is being used (via a green screen) depending on the setup. Brightness can be changed based on time of day, speed, and location on the track for the best viewing experience. The board being tested is three millimeters thick, barely adding a profile to the airbox. 

The No. 4 car driven by Stefano Coletti was the test subject on Monday for the device. IndyCar has said that the intended implementation date is early in the 2015 season. 

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