Supplement Your IndyCar Viewing Experience With Our Live Blog

The IndyCar season gets started this Sunday on the streets of St. Petersburg. It’s the start of the battle for the 2015 championship which Will Power will hope to win for the second year in a row. Single Seater will be trying something new for the race. In addition to our race notes which will come out on Saturday, we will host a live blog for the race itself.

But no, this won’t be your average, generic live blog. At Single Seater, we are devoted to data journalism and statistics, and that’s exactly what our live blog will be like. Turn on the TV and pull up our stat-based live blog as a nice supplement.  

Instead of just highlighting what’s going on in the race, our live blog will talk about statistics, race strategy, and other interesting topics surrounding the race. We’ll talk about tire data, caution stats, and why Will Power pitted when he did. If you have any questions throughout the race, you can leave them in the comments during the live blog and we’ll try our best to answer them for you!  

It’ll be fun. Join us here on Sunday at 3 p.m. ET when the race starts as we talk about the numbers, data, and stats behind the 2015 IndyCar season opener. 

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