Car preservation is more critical this year – Hawksworth

Photo: John Cote

The opening round of the IndyCar season on the steets of St. Petersburg saw 22 of the 110 laps run under caution. Wing and body damage was prevalent throughout the day which turned the race into a battle of survival.

Jack Hawksworth acknowledged the need for drivers to change their style behind the wheel with the introduction of aero kits this year heading into the inaugural Indy Grand Prix of Louisiana on Sunday. 

The Englishman said that “there is a lot of turbulence when following other cars in comparison to last year due to the new aerodynamic kits, plus the front wings are also a little more fragile.”

“I don’t think it’ll take long for the drivers to adjust,” continued Hawksworth, “but certainly the style of racing is going to change a little this year as car preservation is more critical than with the old DW12 aero kit.”

“I certainly don’t think you’ll see quite as much bumping and banging as we have seen in recent years because the front wing structure is just not as strong as previously,” Hawksworth said.

“Having said that, this is IndyCar racing and it is always furious, fast and aggressive. I think they’ll be a lot of action this weekend.”

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