Indy grand prix of Louisiana track guide

2015 Indy Grand Prix of Louisiana

The series heads to New Orleans this week for the inaugural Indy Grand Prix of Louisiana. Here’s a quick look at some of the key areas of the track the drivers will be facing on Sunday, courtesy of Scott Dixon.


“The section from Turns 1 through 6 is a lot of fun and there is another great section toward the end through Turns 10 through 14.”

High speed corners
“There are also high-speed corners and some tight hairpins as well. For the fans, the coolest part is that it’s quite flat, which for a driver sometimes is not the best thing, but visually it’s fantastic – from one spot you can see the whole track.”

Large braking zones
“There are big braking zones and long straights, so it’s kind of a combination of all the things that you need at a new track and one that spectators are going to love.”

“I think we were one of the first INDYCAR teams to actually test at NOLA before the big test where everybody went. It was a little bumpy in some areas, but it has very long straights that are very fast.”

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