Analyzing Pit-Stop Performance from St. Petersburg

Pit-stops are a frequent part of IndyCar races and an important part of strategy that teams need to consider due to the need to refuel in the IndyCar series and run laps on both the red and black tires during a road or street course race. On ovals or during wet races, teams do not have to run both the red and black tire but nevertheless teams still have to deal with pit strategy to refuel and switch off of worn tires. With timing data we have access to total lap times as well as times for individual sectors on the track which are based off of timing lines. By using this data we can look at multiple phases of the pit-stop process and analyze which drivers and teams are performing the best in each phase and overall.

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Elo Ratings Had a Good 2021

Although I did not end up writing articles as much as anticipated in 2021, I did keep up as always with tracking IndyCar stats, including my Elo ratings. During the 2021 season I made some updates to how the ratings are calculated. This was partially an exercise to make sure my championship simulation was getting the best data possible, and also part of a regular process to make sure the model is tuned properly.

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State of the Championship: who is most likely to catch Palou?

After a few more weeks of summer break, IndyCar will head to the streets of Nashville for the first time on August 8th. Palou will enter the final six races of the season with a 39 point lead in the championship over O’Ward. Dixon sits 56 points out of first place and Newgarden is 69 points behind Palou. 

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