A New Way to View Stats on The Single Seater

For the past few years, the stats that I tracked on this website have been posted with the help of Google Sheets. This worked fairly well, but it didn’t support even simple sorting by columns or searching for drivers. For this upcoming season, I have completely changed the way my stats will be presented and available to people. I have been developing an R Shiny app that will be the new home for all of the stats that I track throughout the IndyCar season. It has a lot of nice features that I just want to briefly mention in this article so that you can get the most out of using it. It is still very much under active development, so there will likely be a few updates to it as I continue work and receive feedback.

Sort driver season stats by year and track type

The first nice update to the stats page is that you can now filter the stats by track type. With the click of a button you can view the season stats for all drivers on oval tracks, road/street tracks, or all tracks. This allows you to quickly compare drivers by track type and season. All columns on the page are also sortable by clicking the buttons on the column header. This was a feature that was long overdue and makes answering lots of questions much easier.

A new track stats page

There is now a separate stats page that shows you driver statistics for one specific track. This is extremely useful if you are betting or playing Fantasy IndyCar and want a driver’s stats for the upcoming racetrack only. Because I wanted to include data starting from 2008, not all of the advanced stats shown on the season stats page are also available on the track stats page.

Elo ratings

IndyCar Elo ratings are a recent project of mine that I am excited to track throughout the 2020 season. For a detailed explanation of the ratings, I encourage you to read this article. There are two tabs for Elo ratings on the new stats app. The first shows the most current Elo ratings for drivers who are active in the current season, and the second tab allows you to visualize historical Elo ratings for any set of drivers starting in 2008. You can select however many drivers you would like to compare and then graph their Elo ratings from the 2008 season onward.

Future updates

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, this new app is a work in progress. I will be adding updates throughout the season to better present the statistics and I will also be adding a page for The Single Seater’s championship predictions once those go live. If you have any suggestions for updates or find a bug, let me know in the comments or on Twitter @thesingleseater. I hope you enjoy the app and it helps everyone keep up with IndyCar stats a little easier.

View the new stats app.

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